CHILDREN from the Little A Nursery took part in a Disney storytelling session at Lawn Manor Library last week to help them develop a love of reading.

Youngsters from Years 7, 8 and 9 took it in turns to read stories to the excited toddlers. The event was organised by library officer Rachel Reynolds.

Rachel said: "Each month, we create a new theme to try and encourage more pupils in to the library.

"Disney is wonderful because it doesn’t matter if you are two or 102 you can still get swept away in the sparkle, adventure and make-believe storyline of a good Disney book."

As well as stories the children also got to take part in a Disney sing along with ‘Let it go’ still being the favourite song to sing along to they then left with a book from World Book Day and a balloon.

Leanne, Deputy Manager from the Little A Nursery said: "They really loved coming over to big school, they were excited this morning all dressed in Disney attire, thank you to Rachel for inviting us over.’

Becci Bensonr said: "My two thoroughly enjoyed coming over, having recently visited Disneyland Paris they were thrilled to show off their Buzz and Anna costumes. Its sounds like they had a wonderful time singing and listening to Disney stories."

Lawn Manor Headteacher Sandra Muir said: "It was lovely to see our pupils interacting with the younger ones, they certainly seemed to be enjoying it. "Obviously the event was a bit of fun but we would like to make this a more regular event.

"Working with our community is important to us at Lawn Manor, we have already begun to work with our elderly community by visiting residential homes and inviting the Nursery which is on our grounds seemed like a great idea.

"Storytelling inspires imagination and its vitally important that this starts at an early age, it was also a good experience for our pupils to read out loud and add expression to their voices when telling the story to smaller children which is something not all children get the opportunity to do. We look forward to welcoming the Little A Nursery again soon."