BEING a straight, white male in 2018 is the equivalent of a Roman soldier fighting under a hail of deadly arrows, according to a Swindon UKIP man.

Eldene resident Martin Costello, who contested the South Swindon seat for UKIP in last year’s general election, drew the odd comparison when he shared a Facebook post today.

The post depicted a Roman centurion fighting with sword and shield in hand as a torrent of arrows rained down around him. The caption above read: “Being a straight white male in 2018.”

The UKIP man said: “It is time to stop the intolerant, militant, third-wave feminist intersectional drive to emasculate men. We are not toxic. Men should be allowed to be men.”

Mr Costello, who was recently lambasted by residents in the town after he said Swindon had become a “Third-World slum” due to immigration, is the secretary and treasurer of far-right outfit The People’s Charter, and has organised various marches and demonstrations all across the country.

Mr Costello’s post did elicit some responses. Addressing the comments, Labour councillor Jim Robbins said: “I don't feel emasculated by women finally starting to get some equality. There's nothing about strong, independent women that you need to be frightened of.”

He suggested Mr Costello would do well to acquaint himself with said women.

Mr Costello did not respond to the Adver’s request for clarification.