TEN more trophies have been presented to talented musicians as the Swindon Music Festival continued, despite the bad weather.

On Monday morning, the majority of the competitors braved the snow to make it to the Arts Centre on Devizes Road for their performances.

Winning the Woodwind Solo: up to Grade 1 category, and subsequently The David Moss Trophy was Olivia Prytherch with her performance which notched up 84 marks.

Naomi Keighley won the Woodwind Solo: Grade 2 category with 86 points to be presented with The Anya Bellamy Trophy, while Oliver Seddon also scored 86 in the Woodwind Solo: Grades 3 - 4 to be presented with The Holmes Music Woodwind Trophy.

Eighty-six marks also went to Jonathon Rogers in the Woodwind Solo: Grades 5 - 6 category which saw him awarded The Louise Clarke Woodwind Trophy.

Jun Wei Lim won the Strings: Grades 1 - 2 category with 86 marks, taking home The Janet Forrest Trophy, while Sasha Rachel Fernandes was presented with The Audrey Suter Junior Bach Trophy for her category-winning performance in the Piano Baroque Solo - 11 and under category which also saw her awarded 86 marks. She was also presented with The Accompanist Trophy in the Piano Accompanist – Any age performabces again with 86 marks.

Joint winners Timothy Lai and Sasha Rachel Fernandes won the Modern Popular Piano Solo: 11 and under with 88 marks, and Neil Gonsalves won the Piano Sonatina – 11 and under category with 86 marks.

Isla Clark won the Piano Solo – 11 and under category with 87 marks, and Kiara Thilakawardana won the Solo to be played from memory - 11 and under category with 85 points.

The Swindon Recital Series Junior Trophy was presented to Celine Heath who scored 84 marks in the Instrumental Recital: 16 and under performances, while The Swindon Recital Series Senior Trophy went to Simon Crew who scored 88 in the Instrumental Recital: 17 and over.

Josie Yee and Abigail Chapman took the winning spot in the Instrumental Duet: any age category with 87 marks, and Jason and Natalie Henry won the Sonata for 2 Solo Instruments: any age with 86 marks, while Celine Heath won the Instrumental Concerto: any age category with 83 points.

The winner of the Piano Solo (Jazz): 17 and over was Michael Pogany with 86 marks, and he was also named the winner of the Mature Piano (over 50) performances - again with 86 marks, and he was presented with The Ada Fisher Cup for winning the Piano Solo: 20th Century – Amateur or Professional – 17 and over performances with 86 marks.

A spokesman for the festival said: "The weather conditions this morning delayed the start of the Festival by an hour but we were delighted to see that most competitors made it to the Arts Centre."