IT’S the mid-point of the Sport Relief week and yesterday aerobics came to the fore.

Headteachers and members of staff from across the town took part in a keep fit session at Westlea Primary School, which lasted for an hour.

The 25 educators were put to the test in the class and kept their enthusiasm going knowing that what they were doing was for a good cause.

Headteacher of Westlea Primary Rose Carberry said: “It was great fun.

“People were singing along to the music and there was laughter and clapping throughout.

“It was a really encouraging group who wanted each other to enjoy the occasion.

“The class involved us doing squats, mountain climbers and ended with us finishing doing ‘sally up, sally down’.

“We are all going to feel it tomorrow morning that’s for sure.”

The class was hosted by Alana Turner, a representative of Premier Sports, which specialises in curricular and extra-curricular activities with schools.

Hazelwood Primary will be delivering the baton to Westlea today, which will then take a trip to Shaw Primary to pass it on.

There will be more schools travelling across town to keep the school-to-school challenge flourishing.

Mrs Carberry added: “To be able to raise the profile for mental wellbeing has been exactly what this is all about, but to be able to do it in such a fun way has been the icing on the cake.

“This event has really brought the town together with just one activity event.

“It has been a fantastic experience that has made staff across Swindon schools more unified.”

Over the past few days teachers and headteachers have been taking part in physical activity exhibitions, in an attempt to show their pupils that if they can do it, so can you.

So far, the event has seen them cycle 20 miles, run from school to school to deliver a baton and take part in workshops across Swindon primary schools.

Today marks one of the main events of the week with over 300 pupils from 44 schools attending the County Ground running track to participate in a celebratory mile run.

This will be made up from five children from each school along with members of staff, the fun run will start at 2pm.

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