SCHOOLS across Swindon will be hoping to round off a whole week of fundraising activity for Sport Relief with a bang today.

A number of schools will be hosting fundraising events throughout the day, following a daily challenge staged throughout the week in support of the national charity.

Yesterday around 300 pupils from 44 schools, including Westlea, Robert Le Kyng and Wanborough Primary, came together for a one-mile lap around the County Ground running track, each having to complete four laps to hit the mile.

At the start of line was the torch bearer who ignited the fun run, while there were also some schools who turned up with batons in hand, keeping the week-long school to school relay going.

Children cheered on pupils from other schools, alongside with members of staff and parents who were watching from the sideline.

Headteacher of Abbey Meads Primary, Bob Buckley, said: “This is what it is all about, everyone coming together, all of us turning up for the very last mile.

“It’s been a brilliant turnout with everyone running around the track with their teachers, showing that we want to crack obesity and get fit and healthy. By doing things such as this week we are putting Swindon on the map.

“This event has been incredible. Just look at the children’s smiles – no matter if they come first or last, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

“It has been a real team effort and at a time when policy is pulling schools apart and pitting them against each other. Instead we have been brought together and are now creating an amazing event demonstrating that we all work closely together.”

Members of staff from Sainsbury’s were also in attendance and set up a stand just outside the running track, offering refreshments and healthy snacks, all free of charge.

But it’s not just the pupils who have been putting their fitness to the test, with a number of the schools’ teachers giving it their all this week to set an example for their students by running, cycling or taking part in a fitness class.

Mr Buckley added: “We need to not only educate the younger minds but perhaps the older minds, so this is a way of our younger heads saying to the older bunch we need to do a little bit more to get active.

“It has been great to see not just key athletes taking part but also those who have perhaps not been too excited by physical activity giving it a go. Hopefully they have found it quite enjoyable.”

Due to Monday’s weather conditions a 10k run had to be postponed, but it will be completing this morning instead.

Schools will be hosting a variety of physical activities for their pupils on the final day of the event.

More schools will be travelling across Swindon to pass the baton on and complete their challenge.

To support their fundraising efforts you can donate online by visiting