NEIGHBOURS of a Swindon barbers complain they are having to walk in the road to get past cars parked on the pavement by customers.

People living in Dudmore Road say they have even had to push their children’s prams into the highway to negotiate the area outside Guy’s Barber Shop near the Magic Roundabout.

Now they are calling for parking restrictions to be enforced.

One woman who approached the Advertiser said: “I am fed up with having to walk into a busy road with a buggy when cars are parked on the footpath with no way of getting around them.

“When I went in one day and asked the shop, which was full of customers whose cars were blocking the pavement, they all denied it was them.

“The shop should enforce their sign that they put up regarding parking rather than allowing all of this to happen.”

Photographs sent into the Adver show vehicles obstructing access to the path that leads to the traffic lights and nearby supermarket Aldi.

A freedom of information request submitted to Swindon Borough Council to find out how many parking tickets have been issued on Dudmore Road from March 2017 to March 2018 revealed there had been 39 penalty charge notices slapped on cars.

Guy Awazi, owner of the shop said: “Admittedly there is a problem with parking at the shop, but I have allocated enough adequate space for customers to be able to park.

“There are six parking spaces at the rear entrance of the shop and five at the front of the shop.”

He explained: "The problem is customers are choosing to park like this when spaces are full rather than finding suitable places.

“I also believe that some of the issue is the football fans who watch Swindon play as they park anywhere when Swindon are playing at home.

“I urge customers coming to the barbers to park elsewhere if there are no spaces available,” he added.

This issue comes in the wake of recent problems in Old Town, Rodbourne and North Swindon where residents have complained about cars left on pavements and roads blocked by poorly parked vehicles.

Changes to the law being considered at the moment mean motorists could find themselves with a £70 fine from the council if they put their vehicles on pavements.

The Department for Transport is looking at a review of current legislation in an effort to stop the practice.