OLD TOWN residents have praised the possibility of a £70 fine being introduced for people parking on pavements.

The Department for Transport is considering a review of current legislation in an effort to stop drivers blocking pedestrians’ access.

If approved, the new rules would allow local councils to make it illegal to park on the kerb unless explicit permission has been granted.

London drivers have been prohibited from parking on pavements for decades and similar restrictions could be rolled out nationwide.

The Adver reported on this possible change to traffic law last week and it’s received a positive response from online readers.

Alexia Davison said: “Good, then I won’t have to go into the road with the pushchair! People are more important than cars!

Rose Little said: “It will be very helpful for disabled people, as well as wheelchair users and pushchair pushers.

“I have trouble going along with my stick sometimes.”

Jodie Cleeves said: “How are we suppose to teach our children road safety when we have to keep either crossing between cars to get the pushchair through or just walk down the middle of the road to get to a place we can fit?

“Pavements are for pedestrians.”

Jenny Wren Ayres said: “We sure need this on Bowood Road.”

Other residents were more cautious about the potential introduction of the fine.

Alistair Flockhart said: “I’m sure that there are some roads where residents can park on both sides, but if they didn’t park partially on the pavement, then the road would effectively be blocked, and this could be an issue for the emergency services.

“I’ve seen some really outrageous parking on the pavement and was surprised to learn that it wasn’t already illegal.

“There will need to be a practical and pragmatic application of this if it happens.

Nicola Wright said: “We live on an exceptionally thin road in old town with parking either side and no rear alleyways.

“If wider cars didn’t bump up on the curb it would cause major access issues for people further up the road who use their garages.

“Thoughtless parking is an issue but sometimes it’s a necessary evil on roads where there is no other alternative.

“Most cars in the road already have dents and scratches where big vans or refuse and recycling trucks try to get through despite the lack of space.”

Matilda Wormwood said: “I understand and totally agree with this in roads that it is not necessary to park on the pavement.

“However in Hythe Road and surrounding roads if people didn’t park partly on pavements then other vehicles would not get through.

“It’s all good and well to suggest removing single yellow lines and parking spaces to prevent this but then where would people who have no driveway or garage park?

“I have lived in Old Town for nearly 11 years and the parking has got much worse.”