MORE than 60 taxi drivers went on strike in Swindon claiming an app that grossly overcharged some passengers for journeys is still not fixed.

The V Cars drivers refused to work yesterday and during the afternoon they parked their cars outside the firm’s offices in Groundwell, honking their horns.

Last week the Adver reported one customer was charged £120 for a trip from Wroughton to Old Town after booking through the iCabbi app.
Veezu, which owns the company, had promised technicians would be sent to test the equipment. 

But V Cars Drivers’ Association claimed the firm had failed to resolve the issues. And members complained that plum jobs were being distributed to favoured drivers while others were being underpaid for account jobs.

A meeting with Veezu MD for the South West and Wales, Ryan Owen last week proved unsatisfactory as far as the drivers were concerned.

The association said in a statement: “Since they completely failed to respond, we are left with no other options but one. The overwhelming majority of taxi drivers has voted to strike and that is what we will do till this is resolved. If they still ignore our demands, further action will be taken accordingly.

“We gave the company every chance and enough time to act, but now the drivers are taking action.”

The drivers have launched a petition demanding the digital booking system is fixed to stop incorrect fares being charged.

In a letter to the drivers Mr Owen said: “V Cars management is committed to ensuring the best possible experience for all drivers operating with us. 

“We have received feedback from some drivers that their new equipment is experiencing some signal and speed issues. We have sent a team to Swindon to complete a comprehensive test of the equipment. 

“Once we have established the extent of the issues reported we will make a decision on an appropriate course of action.” “We will need some time while we conduct our investigation.

“We envisage long term solutions will be decided on and put in place within three weeks.

“It is important we act conscientiously and make the right decisions to ensure drivers receive the best possible solution.
The firm said it would make no further comment.