TEMPERATURES will hit 20C later today – as Swindon basks under some much-needed sunshine. 

And it's expected to get even warmer tomorrow, with the town forecast to enjoy warmer weather than holiday city Marbella.

In Swindon, clouds are expected to clear by around 9am this morning, with the town forecast to enjoy blue skies for the rest of the week.

Government forecasters the Met Office say that temperatures will hit 20C by around 2pm this afternoon. It will stay warm well into the evening. Thursday is odds-on to be even hotter, with temperatures of 21C making it one of the warmest days of the year so far.

Met Office meteorologist Mark Wilson said: "It's going to be a pretty nice day - it will be a slow start in places with cloud first thing.

"But by mid-afternoon there will be lots of unbroken sunshine."

However, warm temperatures will result in higher pollen levels. Bad news if you've got hayfever.