Eating vegan has never been easier, with a wealth of information, inspiration and recipes easily available online.

For the uninitiated, the prospect of a meal without meat, eggs, fish or dairy might be hard to imagine, but with more and more people choosing to reduce their meat consumption, or to eschew animal products altogether, plenty of help is available. In fact, so many foodies are blogging about their plant-based diets, it is easy to get lost in the welter of websites. I’m sure every plant-eater has their favourites, but this week I will share some personal recommendations.

To start off, Minimalist Baker is a wonderful resource ( The recipes are plant-based and mostly gluten-free and the minimalist part is that they either take 30 minutes or less to make, or involve only one bowl, or use 10 ingredients or less. Despite the name, this website doesn’t just offer ideas for desserts - you will find all sorts of dishes on offer. They don’t use any sponsored content either, so expect an unbiased approach to what works well and tastes good.

The photography on this website is also superb and guaranteed to inspire (as well as whetting the appetite).

Another favourite is Gaz Oakley’s Avant Garde Vegan website ( Gaz is a young chef who started his website in 2016, and now has a host of recipes, ideas and videos and all sorts of ideas for cooking vegan dishes, whether that’s baked goods or meals fit for a classy dinner party. Similarly, Gaz uses lots of stunning photography; check out his grilled aubergine topped with bulgar wheat, complete with gem-like pomegranate seeds and fresh lime.

Another two charismatic young men with beards run vegan website Bosh! ( They describe themselves as food remixers, and the website is clear and accessible, with lots of videos demonstrating how to make a wide range of plant-based dishes. The tone is cheerful and direct, while the videos are concise and helpful.

Finally I will recommend the vegan website Black Pepper & Garlic ( as this is the site that inspired me to make the step from vegetarian to vegan. Try out the protein quinoa oat bars, Vietnamese-style summer rolls with a peanut dipping sauce or (pictured above) the BBQ Tofu.

And if all this reading, cooking and eating inspires you, why not start a vegan food blog of your own?