A HEARTBROKEN tortoise owner is desperately trying to track her pet down after he went missing.

Owner Imogen Beresford-Bone has spent over a week desperately searching for her beloved Tummy.

And a social media campaign organised by Emma Deal (@EmmaSearchForD1) helped to spread the word far and wide, with support from celebs including TV presenters Kirsty Gallacher and Nadia Essex, actor Lisa Faulkner, and former Blue Peter presenter Sarah Greene.

The five-year-old Horsefield tortoise went missing from his Wanborough home around 10am on Bank Holiday Monday.

Imogen, 23, said: “Mum was out gardening and went to talk to a neighbour.

“There was a 20-minute window when there was no-one with Tummy and he escaped from his pen, which he’s never done before. We’ve turned the garden upside down looking for him and, though he’s good at camouflage, we think he’s escaped through a gap in the fence.

“There were a lot of people out on the streets because of the scarecrow trail so someone might have picked him up.
“He can be quite speedy for a tortoise, so he could’ve gone on quite a trek.

“The whole family miss him immensely. 
“We’re all extremely upset.”

Imogen had always wanted a pet tortoise and has fond memories of Tummy.

She added: “I’ve loved tortoises all my life, they were my favourite animal growing up.

“When I got a job and started earning a salary, I did the first adult thing I could do, which was buy a tortoise.

“He has so much personality – he’s stubborn, grumpy, and a bit of a drama queen who loves adventure.

“Tummy the tortoise was just placeholder name which we liked because of the alliteration, but it stuck because it was quite endearing.

“He’s normally kept indoors but when it gets warmer, we put him outside in his pen and he likes that.

“These tortoises live for around 60 years so we were hoping to have him for the long-term.

“I work and live in a flat in Reading which doesn’t allow animals so he’s been living at home with my parents, but I’ve been spending as much time in Wanborough as possible to look for Tummy. 
“The support we’ve received has been amazing and overwhelming, we’re very grateful.”
The whole village has come together to help Imogen in her quest to find Tummy.
The family are offering a £100 reward for Tummy’s safe return.
If you can help, contact Imogen on 07726 910802, 01793 790311, or @immi_beresford on Twitter.