ASTHMA sufferers have been warned to stay indoors at the weekend over fears stormy weather and a high pollen count could spark a condition known as 'thunder fever'.

While thunder storms are not predicted at the moment for Swindon, they are elsewhere in the country and could yet move south.

Sonia Munde of Asthma UK told The Sun an estimated 3.3million Brits had their asthma triggered by pollen, explaining: "Thunderstorms can have a devastating impact on people with asthma and trigger an asthma attack which could be fatal.

"Humid, stormy conditions break the pollen into much smaller particles, which are then inhaled more deeply into the lungs and can lead to life-threatening asthma attacks."

The term 'thunder fever' was coined following a series of storms in Australia last year that saw nine people die from asthma attacks.