SWINDON Borough Council has no love for Highworth, frustrated residents in the town have said.

The comments come as members of the Highworth Town Council vented their fury at the borough over delays to improvements due to be made to the Fox roundabout.

For almost 10 years, people in Highworth have been trying to revamp the Fox roundabout, which acts as a gateway into the town.

And residents and councillors have decided to install a sculpture to give the roundabout, previously dubbed ‘the ugliest in Swindon’, a bit of a facelift.

Highworth Town councillor Keith Smith said: “In 2009, we decided that we wanted to improve Highworth by placing a sculpture on the Fox roundabout. Since then, there have been untold delays that are just unimaginable.

“At the moment, we are waiting for Swindon Borough Council’s highways team to lower the chevrons on the roundabout, but I don’t know why they just can’t get on with the job.”

He added: “Everything is in place, we have even got the rock to put the sculpture on. Everything else is ready to go.”

Back in 2011, Coun Maureen Penny, then the mayor of Highworth, said the roundabout looked “terrible”, adding: “I think it is the ugliest roundabout in Swindon. A lot of them have nice flowers. Even the roundabout at the top of Grange Drive has some coloured bricks on it.”

But despite councillors deciding upon a stainless steel fox sculpture to place in the centre of the roundabout, Coun Smith is worried that not enough progress is being made.

He said: “That particular roundabout is the entrance to Highworth – it should be something we are proud of.

“We have been trying to do it for eight years, but one of the problems we have is that Swindon council has no love for Highworth and doesn’t see it as an asset to the borough.

“We are also looking to improve the town centre, which starts at the roundabout.”

Responding to Coun Smith’s suggestions that Highworth is often forgotten about, David Renard, leader of Swindon Borough Council, sought to reassure people that the borough does indeed take issues in Highworth seriously.

He said: “Highworth is just as important a part of the borough as any other. The ward councillors work extremely hard to secure what they believe to be their fair share of resources.”

The council is hoping to be able to undertake the necessary work as soon as possible. A few issues regarding signage and lighting need to be ironed out, though officers were at this stage unable to provide specific details.

It has been reported that drivers have a tendency, on occasion, to take the roundabout at speed, and it is hoped that a decorative feature might go some way towards slowing the traffic.

Highworth Town councillors hope their stainless steel fox will be on display soon.