GUESTS of the Double Tree Hilton Hotel will have the pleasure of singing and dancing along to old time music while raising money for Brighter Futures.

In Edwardian get-up, performer Tom Carradine is ready to set the tone with lively piano numbers on a night of games and entertainment.

Trudie Clarkson, organiser of the event, said: “Last year I held a black tie dinner and raised just over £2600 which was absolutely brilliant, but I wanted to do something a little bit different from the dinners that go on in the summertime. I thought, ‘I know, how about doing an old-time singalong night?’”

For £29 guests can don their extravagant period dress and join in with singalongs, party games, a raffle and tombola, as well as the best bonnet and wondrous whiskers competitions. Prizes will be awarded to whoever comes along with the most striking moustache – real or fake – and the most dazzling hat. Wannabe old-time folk also get to enjoy a main course meal and a choice of desert to eat with friends.

The organiser added: “We like old time style music and as for the good old days it reminds me of my granny watching the telly and it’s just lovely, fun music. That’s what we want – the more fun, the more money in the pot for charity.”

Money raised from ticket and raffle sales will go towards Brighter Futures, a charity Trudie feels strongly about. Having lost her parents, aunts and an uncle to cancer, she is keen to help others fight through the disease.

She said: “My very close friend Jane has been two years clear so far from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and one day I went with her to Oxford so I know what it’s like to have that awful ordeal of going there for radiotherapy. So it’s very important and close to my heart and close to a lot of people’s hearts.

“It’s not fair to have to go to Oxford – it’s atrocious that we have to actually raise money to do this. You have travel usually for several weeks running and it literally takes minutes when you’re there. It’s not just the person going through it – it’s family and close friends that it impacts on as well.”

So far Brighter Futures has raised over £2,281,000 for its Radiotherapy Appeal. By raising a further £600,000 the charity will be able to bring forward the day our town provides radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients.

Along with her husband Brian, friends Jane and Kate, and artist John Hammond – who is donating a prize painting for the event – Trudie hopes to raise £2000 to improve hospital services in the town.

She said: “There’s a long way to go before then but fingers crossed we’ll get there. It’s something I’d love to achieve.”

To buy tickets or find out more ahead of the party on July 7, email: