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It’s free food

The letter from Ms Linnegar, is a memory test I failed. Yes the number of foodbank people has gone up, but given the choice of either going to Tesco and paying for your food or going to the foodbank where its is free is a no brainer surely.

Perhaps she can explain those who, when receiving the benefits, which includes any rent payments, fail to actually pay those to the landlord. Perhaps she will tell us, during Labour’s last 13 years in office, what brainstormer they brought in to stop this social decline.

As for the memory retorts about the failed banks, can she remind us of when Mr Brown took over as Chancellor, first he went about destroying the final salary pension schemes, and the financial hardship that has caused to so many, but he also at the same time set up the FSA, to regulate the banks, and when they were playing pass the parcel with people’s money, the FSA sat back on their backsides and did nothing?

To make matters worse, he even then went an gave knighthoods to the likes of Fred the Shed, for ‘Services to Banking’! You notice I haven’t even mentioned the giveaway of the majority of our Gold Reserves at rock bottom prices.

T Reynolds, Wheeler Avenue, Swindon

A fantastic day

I was Swindon Town’s coach driver, a job I did for many years for Barnes Coaches. I recall the 1993 Wembley play-off final very well. Staying overnight at a hotel near Heathrow. The police motorcycle escort escorted the coach all the way to Wembley. Driving into Wembley as thousands of fans were arriving. Red shirts, red scarves, red flags everywhere.

I watched the game from the tunnel as I had to turn the coach around at half-time. The game itself was fantastic. At the final whistle we were there, Premier League. The homeward journey was full of red and white. Bridges over the M4 full of people as was the journey into Swindon, all waving flags. Days like this happen once in a lifetime. To me a day like this is far better than automatic promotion.

Michael Richardson, Address supplied

Wonderful care

On May 15 I, a very elderly lady, was admitted to the Day Services at the Great Western Hospital for operations on both eyes. From the onset I was treated with kindness, courtesy and humour (which relieved the stress), and I was kept informed all the way through the treatment.

From the receptionists, the nurses, the anaesthetist, the surgeon, the theatre staff, staff in the recovery room, and finally into the Daisy Ward for an overnight stay, I felt so cared for.

The nurse who was assigned to me in recovery was gentle but reassuring, and the nurse in Daisy Ward brought me my first cup of tea for two days - it was like nectar. Thank you to everyone involved. Thank you Great Western Hospital. Thank you the NHS.

Myra Binks, Address supplied

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