HIS pub sparked a rare walkout by the Hotel Inspector, but Alan Walters says he has no regrets about doing the Channel 5 show.

Aldbourne’s Crown Inn featured on the show on Tuesday and showed an appalled Alex Polizzi refusing to stay after looking at the rooms.

Bit since the makeover show visited in January, Alan has rebuilt the reputation of his business. The 69-year-old said trade is booming.

He said: “I’ve already found that people are coming back more this year than they had in the last couple.

“There has already been an improvement.

“The rooms have been serviced and our cleaning rating has changed dramatically as well as my cleaning staff.

“We’ve already had a big response for room enquiries from when the programme finished. I’ve had about 100 emails just wishing me good luck.

“A lot of people were saying in their emails that they were tearful over the programme.

“It was an amazing reaction to get from the public.”

In the show, viewers saw the Alex horrified after finding thick dust on the carpet, stained furniture and mouldy door frames.

But despite the criticism he faced, Alan has come out of the experience feeling positive.

He said: “I was satisfied with the way it came out.

“We changed our routine.

“I’m looking at my business making sure everything is to top standard.

“The real thing is the routine of inspection. Inspecting myself and making sure me and my staff know what we have to do.

“You should always make sure everything’s flourishing perfectly.

“You can’t because sometimes it’s not always possible – something breaks then you go and repair it as quick as you can.

“Overall, you want to anticipate anything that could go wrong.”

Several of the rooms were made over in a bright colour scheme and a new menu was created.

Alan added: “I’m very positive about the things I’ve learned from Alex and I know our business will go upwards and forwards.

“Since the programme we’ve done up the fourth room and the fifth room is being done next week.

“We’ll just have finished redoing the loos in the public area and we’ve repainted outside. We’re just getting along improving all the time.

“I expect business to improve all the time now as long as the public will come and see me.”