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Let’s support Trump

The trade deficit run by USA has got out of control and the cumulative figure has reached ten trillion dollars.

Previous USA Presidents have simply ignored the trade deficit in the hope that it would just go away on its own.

Donald Trump is the first leader with the gumption to try to correct this problem.

He needs to take tough action to get America back into a trade surplus.

The USA has not had a trade surplus since 1976.

We should all support Donald Trump as he tries to turn the American economy around.

The USA is the biggest economy in the world. If America prospers then we will all prosper.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green, Swindon

Worthwhile campaign

Ahead of this weekend’s G7 summit, member’s of Citizens Climate Lobby (UK) and Transition Marlborough asked local people to sign a postcard to Theresa May reminding her of the G7’s pledge to phase out fossil fuel subsidies by 2025, thus making the price of renewable energy more competitive.

Initially we were unsure of whether this topic would gain many people’s support. We were therefore both heartened and amazed that in 45 minutes we gained 75 signatures.

What a difference a decade makes! Ten years ago our climate change campaigns on the High Street were frequently met with arguments that climate change was not due to human influences and we did not need to alter our use of fossil fuels.

This time not only did the majority of people we spoke to recognise the importance of climate change, but they also understand the link with fossil fuels and actively support the move towards alternative sources of energy.

Gina Cooke, Cold Harbour Lane, Marlborough

We have no chance

I hate to be the bringer of doom but can we please be honest about England’s chances at the World Cup?

We will win against a tiny minnow country 2-0. We’ll draw against a half decent country. Then we’ll lose against any other country that can kick a ball straight.

We always talk a good game but when the team is full of young millionaire players who don’t care either way what the result is then we don’t stand a chance.

Roger Lack, North Swindon

The White stuff

I enjoyed the piece in Saturday’s Advertiser about Ken White’s Golden Lion Mural. I thought you might like to know that Ken will be talking to Andy Binks about his life and work, on Friday June 8 at Christ Church, in Old Town, doors open 6.30pm, start 7.30pm. Tickets are £5 on the door. The event is organised by the Friends of Christ Church.

Caroline Pitt, Chair, Friends of Christ Church

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