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Taking sides

In response to Mr. Reynolds’ letter “one sided attitude” (26th May), he says he has no flag to wave for anybody. So has Terry, who has had many letters printed in the SA giving his support for UKIP, given up on them?

In his letter he says John Stooke has a one-sided attitude on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Can I say that with the notable exception of Des Morgan who usually gives a balanced view on most subjects, the contributors to the SA letters page have one-sided attitudes/views on political/world events and, yes Terry, that includes myself?

Terry says that in the recent clashes, over what I call occupied Palestine, 50 Hamas fighters were killed and as yet it has not been denied, he also asks the absurd question if Mr Stooke can confirm is Hamas are still firing rockets into Israel. I doubt if Mr Stooke can confirm this, neither can I. Can you Terry? If so, where do you get your information from? The UK media, which is 99 per cent pro-Israel, or do you spend a lot of time in Israel?

You go on to say that if people break through the barrier/wall, do you mean the apartheid wall? That’s what it is Terry, people living in encampment wouldn’t be safe. Terry says he carries no flag for anybody; I say you do. And you have the cheek to say Mr Stooke has a one-sided attitude.

Mark Webb, Old Town, Swindon

No love for Labour

Mr Smith, in his reply to my letter side steps like an England football player.

Where is the reference to the FSA which sat back and did nothing about the banking crisis? Where is the mention of the knighthoods to those who were playing the pass the parcel games? Where is the mention of the party’s mass immigration policy, which we cannot sustain in any way?

The reason I have no love for either Corbyn or Mcdonnell, as an ex service man, is their love of the IRA, their love of Hamas.

He makes no mention of any policy that Labour brought in during their 13 years of government to erase these problems. He also failed to make any reference to Venezula, a country which is now in free fall, but Corbyn thinks is a wonderful example to the world.

For the record, I vote for For Britain, and wouldn’t vote for the Tories if you paid me, after the sell out by Mrs May, and the way this Tory council has taken more than its fair share of tax payers’ money, and thinks a debt of around £300 million, which costs £10 million every year to cover interest payments, is good for a town of this size.

You would have also noticed that if you reply to a post from a Labour candidate on issues such as immigration, they never reply themselves.

T Reynolds, Wheeler Avenue, Swindon

Screen is a let down

What a waste of money putting a screen on Wharf Green in 2009. We were told there would be a selection of things on the screen. It is never on now. What an utter waste of money. It’s dirty and all the backing is coming off.

Will the screen ever be used again?

But what a lovely surprise to see all the hanging baskets along the parade filled with real colourful flowers. My, things are looking up, colour actually coming into the town centre and not before time.

Mrs Townsend, Redcliffe Street, Rodbourne, Swindon

Churches can help

As the NHS experiences continued financial challenges faith groups are being increasingly utilised to fill gaps in health and social care.

The Cinnamon Network, a faith-based charity that builds partnerships between local churches and civic groups has just released a report which addresses pressing needs in our communities. ‘The Church’s impact on health and care’ can be viewed online at

Thirty two local church community projects have been created and delivered to provide a menu of best-practice Cinnamon Recognised Projects. Churches can select one of these off-the-shelf projects and put them into action to practically support their communities. There are currently 3,500 churches running a CRP – mobilizing over 200,000 volunteers a year and impacting the lives of over two million people.

The Cinnamon Faith Action Audit 2017 identified the value of the time given by the UK Church to community each year is worth more than £3billion.

Matt Bird, Founder of the Cinnamon Network

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