MOST people will have seen a drone at some point, buzzing over a park or garden.

But one entrepreneur has made it his business.

Dean Simpson started Wiltshire UAV Services 12 months ago after working as a commercial drone pilot for another company.

Now he’s using his skills helping others, from farmers to surveyors, to get a birds'-eye view of their businesses.

“I saw there was a gap in the market for drone services,” he said. “From my previous experience I decided to set up the company and ever since then it’s grown and we're busy with bookings.”

“A lot of people don’t understand what kind of stuff drones can actually do.

“We do lots of agricultural work. We use a fixed-wing drone to look at potential bad spots on fields. It helps to put more nitrogen on certain areas and less on others.”

The drones are equipped with hardware to determine the density of green on a patch of land.

“How it used to work is farmers would just throw it all over the field, but some bits might not need it as much as others,” said Dean.

“We can provide information to a farmer which they can upload to their spreaders using GPS. Nitrogen is one of the biggest costs to farmer, so it reduces the amount of nitrogen which is laid down.”

The company provides inspections and surveys, aerial photography, weddings, and 3D imagery of Grade II listed buildings.

“The drone maps a certain route around a building and it fly around the building to create a 3D image to look at buildings and help surveyors visualise a project,” explained Dean.

All its pilots operate the drones remotely from their homes after dropping them off in a nearby location, saving on the need to have an office.

The drones are equipped with ultra high-definition cameras capable of aerial filming and photography up to 400ft.

The company employs three pilots and has five drones.

To contact mr Simpson and find out more about what UAV Services can offer, go to