IMAGINE risking everything to go to a foreign country to follow your dream.

Well that is exactly what Papa Zulfa did when he came to Swindon to train as a barber.

Papa bought a one-way ticket from Malaysia to England in hope that he would learn the trade from Guy Awazi the owner of Guy’s Barber Shop in Drove Road.

Guy’s has an international reputation for being one of the best barbers, even cutting sports stars’ hair, including England rugby international Anthony Watson and a host of footballers from top leagues.

The salon owner spent four months under Guy’s guidance being taught everything from the barbering skills, presentation, customer service, management and the way of life in the UK.

And since returning home he has set up five shops in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Papa said: “My love in life has always been cutting hair. I wanted to try and become the best I could be at this and I seen Guy’s work online so I got in touch to ask if he would train me and the rest is history.

“I remember my first day in the shop I was very nervous, but I began to learn very quickly.

“When Guy told me, he liked what he saw and said he could teach me, that was one of the best moments of my life.”

He added: “My work with him has made me popular in Malaysia and I have implemented his system, I am very lucky that he chose me.”

Papa runs classes which have become very popular in Asia with sell out sessions.

Guy said: “I am so happy for him. I was on his case every day because I wanted to give him the full package and show him that the travel to get here was worth it and it paid off with him.

“When I see the passion, I will do whatever I can to help, Papa is not the same person he was when he first arrived he has been on a journey.”

Guy and his partner Tanya made sure he had somewhere to stay while in Swindon.

He hopes to visit Papa in Malaysia sometime this year and is looking at bringing someone in from Los Angeles next.