SENIOR citizens of the Nepalese Association Wiltshire have raised £,7000 for the Brighter Futures radiotherapy appeal.

The generous donation was made after the Nepalese Association Wiltshire (NWA) managed to raise the money from it's members in just one month.

JB Gurung, a former Gurka and long-time volunteer at Great Western Hospital, told the Adver:

"This is a really good cause.

"That's why I told my colleagues that if you can raise some money then our cancer patients do no need to go to either Chippenham or bath or Oxford so that we can save their time.

"Our people really think it was a good cause that's why we all managed to raise £150 per head."

Mr Gurung added: "We at the Nepalese Association we never say it's enough. We keep going to see what we can do to help the community.

"We want to open our arms to see if we can do anything to help the community."

"When we came here in 2009 it was very difficult. Now we are at least someway there with the community."

The fundraising was organised by the NWA and parish councillor for Nyth, Eldene and Liden, David M Bell and NWA member Mr Janga Bahadur Thapa.

Chloe Thomas, Community and events fundraiser manager, who received the cheque on the day, told the Adver: They had a special party for the seniors that managed to raise this fantastic amount. It was really great to see that they were so touched by the appeal."

Lisa Utting, donor development manager at Brighter Futures, said: "We're so close to finishing the appeal now. With our £2.9m target well in sight it does feel ever so close. With people like the Nepalese Association that donate that amount of money in one time the sooner we can get it finished."

"Having worked on the Radiotherapy appeal since 2016 it will be really exciting to finally finish it.

"The Radiotherapy Appeal is so vital because our Swindon patients have to travel to Oxford or Bristol to get treatment. That journey is horrendous, so it would be really great to be able to run that from Swindon."

Robert Buckland, MP for Swindon South, who attended the cheque being handed over told the Adver: "I was delighted to be present for the cheque presentation. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful Nepalese and Gurkha community here in Swindon.

"They are making a great contribution to our civic, social and commercial life and the amount raised for Brighter Futures is another example of this."