A POTATO-faced pervert is still on the run from police after flashing two groups of Swindon teenagers.

The attacks happened at opposite ends of town over a two hour period in April. The beanie hat-wearing flasher made teen victims feel extremely uncomfortable, police said.

An artist’s illustration shows the man as white, middle-aged and wearing a black beanie hat.

Police said the first attack took place at around 4pm on Thursday, April 19, in Lawn Woods, near The Planks.

A 15-year-old girl was with friends near the remains of the Holy Rood Church when they noticed a man in the bushes. The man was wearning black tracksuit bottoms, but took them off so he was fully naked. He wore a black beanie hat throughout.

A police spokeswoman said: “The man stood staring at the girls who felt extremely uncomfortable. They walked off and called police.”

Later that day, it is believed the same man again targeted a group of teenage girls near Akers Way. The attack happened at around 6.15pm.

PC Jonathan Kilburn said: “Police attended the first incident but unfortunately could not locate the man. During the second incident a witness was able to take a photograph which we hope, alongside the e-fit, may help us identify the man.

“These incidents, which we believe are linked, understandably left those involved feeling upset, uncomfortable and frightened. We have been carrying out extensive enquiries but would encourage anyone who may be able to identify the person in the picture or in the e-fit to contact police on 101.”