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An inconvenient truth

From reading the views of Janet Woodham and Peter Smith on abortion, it is quite clear that they do not value the life of the baby in the womb or recognise that baby as a human being. If they did then they would have written quite differently.

I actually agree with Janet Woodham on the issue of men and responsibility, because if men were to “man up” and take responsibility for their actions and not abrogate their role as fathers, then this would have a significant bearing on this issue.

Regarding “unwanted children”, I would say that the problem lies with the attitude of “unwanting adults”, and that the unwanted child is a real person regardless of anyone else’s feelings towards that child.

The problem of “unwantedness” is a good argument for wanting children, but a terrible one for killing them.

Those extremely rare cases mentioned by both Janet Woodham and Peter Smith are always used as a smokescreen by the pro-abortion lobby to support their cause for abortion on demand, ignoring quite deliberately that 98% of the 200,000 abortions in the UK are social abortions, nothing at all to do with the life of the mother, rape, incest or disability. Neither do they mention that since the introduction of the 1967 abortion act there have been so many women that have regretted their abortion and as a consequence have suffered great emotional torment.

Every human being regardless of how they were conceived and however tiny is made in God’s image, and is precious in his sight, and it was a desperately sad and tragic day when the voters of Ireland not only turned their backs on compassion but just reinforced the callousness and coldness that is sweeping our nation.

What sort of a society have we become when we will abort babies in the womb simply because they are not convenient or unwanted?

Abortion is a societal issue because it directly involves the life of another person, namely the baby who has been conceived, and any decent society where compassion and respect are paramount will ensure that the most vulnerable of our human family will be protected and cherished, and what better illustrates that than the baby in the womb.

Finally, with that in mind, I have two points, and with the second one, the readers can finish the sentence:

1) Do you think it is a baby in the womb?

2) It’s OK to kill a baby in the womb when...

Steve Jack, Parsonage Court, Highworth

Wiltshire and proud

Having relocated from London in 1962 to Swindon, I, my wife, two ‘cubs’ and one daughter were allocated a new three bedroom house in Shaftesbury Avenue, Park South. Oh! What luxury after living in two bed flats above a shop in London NW9.

I worked as an HGVI driver and my wife had plenty to do with three young ‘cubs’ and another on the way. So to have a ‘luvverly’ new house was like Shangri-la to us Londoners. Rent was £3 a week, including rates and water rates We had struck gold so to speak: Swindon, Wiltshire - Home Sweet Home.

I had been living in Wiltshire many times - Swindon, Marlborough, Devizes, Westbury, Salisbury (city and plain), Bulford, Chippenham, Calne, Avebury, Stonehenge and many other great villages before, during and after WW2. So having lived in Swindon, Wiltshire, for 56 years and for the past 14 years in the ‘luvverly’ village of Blunsdon, my wife Beryl and I consider ourselves to be Wiltshire folk and of course Swindonians.

Les Fox, Blunsdon

Where Town trained

To say as Fraser Digby does (SA 9/6/18) that the Swindon Town have never had a training ground is simply not true.

For many years the old GWR Corinthians ground was used at the rear of Shrivenham Road and Copse Avenue.

Whether Swindon Town even owned the Corinthians’ old ground, I do not know.

They certainly maintained it even to the extent of installing the original floodlights from the County Ground when the present, wonderful lights replaced the originals.

The ground was very handy and close to the County Ground, of course!

FOJ Gleed, West View, Swindon

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