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Please represent us

I am glad that I am not the only one to recognise that Justin Tomlinson fails to represent the people of Swindon. Having exchanged several emails with him the responses are often just a copy of the government’s official party line.

As observed by Mr Bye, he is rarely seen in the chamber and fails to take part in debates. There are many local issues that need to be raised at government level but he only seems to be interested where it makes him look good.

I have also noticed that often articles about him in your paper rarely give the opportunity to comment on your web page.

Like many MPs he is more than happy to accept the pay rises recommended in recent years, but prepared to reward staff in the public sector, ie NHS, teachers, the fire and police services with a pay freeze and then gloat when they award an increase which does not cover their losses over those years. If the cost of living is over one per cent for MPs, then it must also be for everybody else.

The government’s austerity measures has meant that people have had less money in their pockets which, along with high business rates, rents and the living wage, has been reported by experts to have contributed to the demise of the high street.

Swindon is also likely to suffer when, it is rumoured, that Honda are to close their factory and move it abroad and the fact that this council still fails to keep their promise of regenerating the town centre. They continue to waste money on unnecessary road schemes, fail to recognise the root problem for traffic chaos in Rodbourne and they wonder why people will travel elsewhere to shop.

So, please Mr Tomlinson, do what you are being overpaid to do, and that is represent your constituents.

Derek Smith, The Brow, Swindon

Show us the proof

Mr Adams calls me arrogant (Letters, June 13)! Sit down Mr Adams and give your belief some thought.

How can a being, male or female, tell us what to do with our lives? Have you not thought about all the dreadful things that have happened on this Earth over time.

This is what this ‘being’ has allowed to happen. Nothing to do with us - earthquakes, tsunamis, floodings and volcanos erupting all over this world. What pleasure does this ‘being’ get with the continual killing of innocent people?

I was told as a child that we are ALL God’s children made in his or her image out of ‘clay’ and we are all loved.

I feel sorry for you, Mr Adams, that your life revolves around something that there is no proof that it ever existed.

I still feel very strongly about women’s rights that should be heard!

Perhaps this master potter could run me off a jug.

Janet Woodham, Scotby Avenue, Swindon

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