Might, it actually, really, be coming home?

Well if Swindon Twitter is any judge, then it definitely is.

Hollie Harvey @HollieAHarvey2 was simple and emphatic: “Of course it’s coming home!”

Dane @danesladee might not have endeared himself to those in his house. We suspect they might be forgiving this time: “So I came home last night a little drunk and woke everyone up in my household, early hours in the morning singing ‘It’s coming home’ #3LionsOnAShirt”

Although perhaps not. We’re not not sure if Kayla @KaylaBySkyline lives anywhere near Dane: “There’s a lad on my street yelling ‘it’s coming home’ repeatedly. Yes. I know. We won. I get it. Please leave me and the rest of my street in peace.”

Even Cricklade Lesuire Centre got in on the act, tweeting: “Did someone say ‘IT’S COMING HOME’? Come and join us for the semi-final and grab a drink!”

One Twitter user, @SoccerPm, has even changed his screen-name to “It’s Coming Home”. He was vociferous in his support of Raheem Sterling but a little bit sweary. But even he is starting to believe: “’Erm, it might actually be #ComingHome”

Elena Smith @elenasmithh7 clearly isn’t afraid of a little bit of familial conflict: “My dad’s Scottish so I can only imagine how fuming he is right now. Soz dad but it’s coming home.”

And Dan Maxwell @danielmaxwell38 wants to watch the final at the County Ground:

“If @England get final @Official_STFC need a projector at the ground!!! It’s coming home!!!!! #stfc #England”