THE PTA of a Haydon Wick school were given handmade thank-you cards by school pupils.

Haydonleigh Primary School held a special celebration lunch for members of its Parent Teacher Association to show their gratitude to the group.

Pupils and PTA members enjoyed a lovely meal together and the members were praised for their tireless dedication and hard work.

The PTA has just completed an ambitious project to move a double-decker bus onto the school grounds and convert it into a library.

They also covered all the costs for the library's new books.

Over the years, they have raised £20,449 for various projects and facilities at the school.

Sue Heath, Haydonleigh Primary's school business manager, helped to organise the event.

She said: "They were so well organised with their fund raising that they then had money remaining and were able to buy 45 laptops for the school.

"We really could not survive without their help as the school budget is so tight.

"We just wanted to celebrate how wonderful and supportive they have been

"They have raised an amazing amount of money for us, we're so thankful."