A WOMAN was attacked near her home while she was out walking her two dogs. 

Niki Patten suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured foot and bruising on the inside of her leg – but she has also been left mentally scarred by the incident.

The 53-year-old lives in East Swindon and has walked her dogs over Shaftesbury Avenue fields for more than 10 years without incident until now.

Niki said: “The dogs saved my life.
“It has been the worst time of my life, I’m petrified to leave my house. 

“They haven’t just physically hurt me but also mentally, I feel on edge all the time and I can’t relax.”

She added: “I was just walking the dogs like any other time and out of nowhere I was attacked by two people.

“I won’t be going over that field again, it frightens me too much.”

The two attackers are thought to be in their early 20s but they had their faces covered so Niki couldn’t identify them or give much of a description. 

The incident happened at about 8.30pm on June 26. She said she would normally take her dogs out earlier but she had waited for the evening to be cooler.

Two men attacked Niki from behind by pulling her hair, forcing her to the ground and then continued to stamp on her legs and foot.

Both of the attackers screamed at her, demanding that she hand over any money and valuables that she had upon her, but she refused.

To try and frighten Niki even more they also shouted that they knew who she was before they left the scene. 

Niki’s two dogs played a vital role in fending off her attackers, especially her Labrador who began to snarl and growl to protect her.
Her dog has a history of having epileptic seizures.

Niki added: “I am extremely angry but more so disappointed that they are roaming freely doing whatever they want.
“I can’t even do normal day-to-day things at the moment and it is all because of them.”

Doctors at Great Western Hospital put Niki’s foot in a recovery boot to help the fracture heal, but she was in constant severe pain due to the bruising on her inner thigh. 

Niki said she would like anyone with information about the incident, or anyone who thinks they may know the attackers, to call the police.

“People should also beware of walking over the fields late in the evening by yourself because they will most likely be waiting for an opportunity to strike again,” she said.
Wiltshire police have been contacted and have increased patrols in the area.

They have appealed for information and people should call 101. Or they can leave information anonymously be calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.