Anya Reiss’ fresh and funny debut drama, Spur of the Moment, looks at the distance between close family relations and a young girl on the brink of adolescence. Spur of the Moment is performed by Swindon’s Quirky Bird Theatre tonight and tomorrow, from 7.30pm at the Shoebox Theatre, Theatre Square.

The story revolves around pre-teen Delilah who enjoys High School Musical, swim parties and eyeing up the lodger. Whilst her parents throw verbal grenades at one another, they barely notice their 21-year-old tenant starting to notice their daughter.The play premiered at the Royal Court in 2009, winning Anya Most Promising Playwright and Best New Play awards.

The drama is suitable for those aged age 13 plus, and has some strong language and implied sexual contact. Quirky Bird’s award-winning work now tours schools and colleges across the UK. Tickets are £10 (Concessions from £8) from