Public Health England has launched its new ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ campaign in the south west to highlight blood in urine as a key symptom of bladder and kidney cancers.

The campaign encourages everyone to ‘look before they flush’ and visit their GP without delay if they notice blood in their urine.

A new survey revealed that only 16 per cent of adults aged 50 and over. who are the ones most at risk of these cancers, in the region say they check the colour of their urine every time they use the toilet. Blood in urine is a symptom in 64 per cent of all bladder cancers and 18 per cent of kidney cancers.

When asked why they would not go to the GP straight away if they noticed blood in their pee, some concerning delays for seeking help were uncovered; 21% in the South West say they would be worried about wasting the GP’s time and 23% would only book an appointment sooner if they had other symptoms

Debbie Stark, Deputy Director for Healthcare Public Health at from PHE South West said:“The south west statistics are worrying and show that not only are over 50’s not checking their pee after going to the toilet, 44 percent wouldn't seek advice if they saw blood in their pee just once.

“If bladder and kidney cancers are picked up early, people are more likely to have better outcomes and that saves lives.

“I would urge anyone who sees blood in their pee, don’t wait for it to happen again before getting it looked at, to visit their GP straight away.”