A FEW weeks ago in this column we showcased a drawing by artist George Clausen donated by the Reverend Marquis.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Adver reader Linda Hares for helpfully supplying information about the donor which we have added to our records. Linda wrote:

“The 1939 Register shows John F Marquis living at 76 Bath Road with his wife Elsie and that he was a Presbyterian minister. The 1939 Register was a count of the civilian population on the outbreak of war to help plan for rationing, national identity cards etc.

“The Swindon & District Directory and Year Book dated 1939… records that the Rev Marquis was a minister at the Trinity Presbyterian Church of England in Victoria Road.”

It’s great detective work like this that enables museums to piece together social history. And now we’re asking for Adver readers to help us out again.

We know very little about this photograph. We know that it was taken by the photography team at Vickers Armstrong, but where and when remains a mystery.

Do you recognise this area? Do you have an idea of when it might have been taken? If so, please let us at the museum and art gallery know! Email smag@swindon.gov.uk .

l You can find out more about Swindon’s story at the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 4.30pm.