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Park with more thought

School is out - oh, happy day! Remember the hit of the 1960s which contained the title words? When this letter might be published, school will have broken up about a fortnight ago.

Gone should be the adults who blatantly ignore the Highway Code by parking on the corners of road junctions, double yellow lines (and on one occasion part of a car also fouling a mini-roundabout), across other folks’ driveways, performing three-point-turns on a mini roundabout - is the list endless?

All so that they don’t have to walk too far to drop or collect their offspring - or do such adults have better reasons?

Will it taken some form of accident to make such selfish adults to park correctly and legally? Time will tell - but how long? In September it’s back to waiting for an accident to happen, maybe?

Keith Ingram, Towcester Road, Swindon

Their ‘crowning glory’

Being a male who cannot do too much with the amount of hair I now have, I am amazed at the stupid hairstyles I am seeing every day, especially the one that is very closely shaved on the sides but with a mop of hair on the top.

Do you turn the person upside down to use as a wire brush, mop, patio brush, lawn edger or for brushing up leaves? One I espied seemed to look like the guy had a black telephone on his head! One looked like it could be useful for pricking jacket potatoes before putting them in the microwave!

When I see someone with this type of haircut, covered in tattoos and wearing very torn jeans, I think that are cartoon characters on their day off!

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

He won fair and square

The replies from Mr Smith and Mr Webb are what you might expect. I wear badges Mr Webb, Veteran Badge and RBL, also British Red Cross. I support those so you have the right to wear what you want. If you want to support a regime that is firing every day, on average, 80 rockets into Israel, then good for you.

Mr Smith has yet another go at Mr Trump, says he is anti workers, and yet the number of people in America now in work has risen a great deal since he took power. He is curbing the immigrants who are coming into America by illegal means everyday. Would Mr Smith pay for that?

What the previous presidents did is beyond reason, but that’s for him to support. He says there were protests against the visits of S Arabia etc, but in the numbers of the anti Trump protest I think not, or has there been such a protest against child rape gangs?

He quotes the votes etc that Trump got and how he didn’t actually beat Clinton. Well their system is such that he did beat Clinton. That’s why he is president, like it or not.

T Reynolds, Wheeler Avenue, Swindon

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