Scrappers Gym is holding its second Inclusive Boxing Showcase Event, 'Round 2', tomorrow from 12pm to 2pm.

The event will give the 35 people with disabilities who train at the gym as part of its Agility and Fitness For All project a chance to show off their skills in the ring and promote this great project.

Paul Rogers, Scrappers Gym head boxing coach said: “The gym is open to everyone but it is marginalised young people, those from disadvantaged backgrounds and people with disabilities or learning difficulties, who have benefitted the most. It has tackled isolation and improved health.

"People seem to think it is just about punching bags, but when you start putting combinations of punches together you realise that thought has to be in there as well as the co-ordination of the body.”

The Swindon Children’s Scrapstore secured a funding grant in January 2017 from the Big Lottery Fund to provide the free weekly boxing skills and fitness sessions for people with disabilities.

It secured additional funding at the end of 2017 from Zurich Community Trust enabling us to continue running the sessions in 2018.

Olivia McCann, Scrapstore project manager said: “This community project is the only one in Swindon which provides access to boxing and fitness for people with disabilities and proves that disability poses no limits to success.

"We aim to provide an affordable, safe, supportive and welcoming environment at Scrappers Gym, helping to reduce isolation and increase participation.”