SWINDON may be home to the world’s oldest man with Down’s Syndrome.

Terry Culley is 71-years-old and has lived for 27 happy years at The Laurel residential care home.

When he was born, doctors didn’t expect him to survive past 14 but he’s still going strong several decades later.

He’s looked after by his key worker Ann Bowler and the residential care team.

Manager Susie Clavery said: "He keeps active and he has very good care and support, which helps him stay healthy.

"He was really poorly earlier this year and had to spend three months in hospital with sepsis and pneumonia.

"We weren't sure if he would pull through but he's back to his old self now.

"He wants to do everything, he's such a loving and caring guy who's always eager to help out.

"Terry likes singing, dancing, playing the harmonica and drums, takes part in a fitness class, mows the lawn, and helps care for our vegetable patch."

Born in Warminster in 1946, Terry moved to Dixon Street in Swindon with his dad several years later, then moved into residential care when his father fell ill.

His brother Eric taught him everything he knows.

Terry couldn't walk until he was 10 years old and, though he can speak, his carers often need to interpret what he's saying for other people to understand him.

Gabbie Hillier, part of the Laurel's staff team, said: “I think moving here has really improved his quality of life.

"He's very cheeky, very determined, and has a real zest for life.

“He also loves his films, all those films behind him are his and every time Eric comes over they watch one.

"He also likes going to the Outlet and walking into town, going on holidays and day trips.

"Terry keeps fit for a man his age."

Terry listened intently during the Adver’s visit, smiling and nodding enthusiastically when we talked about him, and played a few bars on the harmonica before kissing the instrument and putting it in his pocket.

After his performance, he sang and danced in his seat, clearly enjoying the applause from his audience.

The Guiness World Records team have not yet confirmed if Terry holds the world record for oldest man with Down’s Syndrome, but it's likely.

The previous record holder, Kenny Cridge from Yeovil, was 77 in 2017.

Normally, people with the condition don’t live past their 50s or 60s - Terry is looking forward to his 72nd birthday.

Gabbie added: "He's having a little party here with his family, friends and a few surprises in the afternoon.

"We're hoping to get Salvation Army musicians here because he used to play drums for them."