Swindon musician, Rob Richings, has been back in the studio he set up with his brother James, to record a new EP which will be out in the autumn, prior to his Irish tour.

Rob’s debut album, Parkas and Boots, was based on songs about his childhood in Swindon and County Waterford in Ireland. It was recorded in Sydney, Australia with Passenger’s producer Chris Vallejo.

His new EP, called Lately I’ve Been Wondering, was produced by Damon Sawyer, who is also part of the brothers’ studio, Crescent Records, based in Swindon.

Rob’s latest tour takes him back over the sea to Galway, Limerick, Killarney, De Barra and other Irish towns before returning to the UK and a finale concert at the Arts Centre on November 24.

“I am thrilled to be heading back with my guitar,’’ he said.

The singer had a brush with death earlier in his career when he was diagnosed with a Ulcerative Colitis and a cancerous tumour, but he fought back and today looks back at his successes rather than his health problems.

“I’ve had an amazing year. I had two theatre tours with Hazel O’Connor and Ramin Karimloo that were incredible, I learned such a lot. Then I toured with the British rockabilly guitarist Darrel Higham and although our music is totally different it was great fun,’’ said Rob.

The songwriter also got the chance to tour with singer/songwriter Tom Baxter. Boyzone covered and released Tom’s single Better that reached number 22 in the UK Top 40 singles chart.

“I’ve always been a fan of Tom Baxter but I never thought I would have the opportunity to tour with him, so it was very exciting,’’ said Rob.

The musicians will be back together this year for Rob’s Irish tour.

For the future, Rob plans to keep putting out EPs and changing his sounds while staying true to his musical beliefs.

“They are simple, honest songs, sung the way I sing them. It’s the only way I know,’’ he said.

Lately I’ve Been Wondering is released on September 28 via Crescent Records, for more details about Rob or the tour visit: http://www.robrichings.com/ - Flicky Harrison