A DISABLED grandmother-of-four who has never been in any debt was horrified to receive a phone bill of more than £900 for an account which was closed four years ago.

Sandra Morris, 59, of Merlin Way, Covingham, was so shocked to receive a phone bill from Vodafone of £922.70 last week that she was convinced that she had been a victim of fraud or someone had hacked into her old account from 2014 which she thought had been closed.

However, after speaking on the phone to Auction Fraud, Mrs Morris found out to her horror that this was a genuine bill and her account from four years ago had not been properly shut down.

After many phone calls where she tried to get the matter resolved, Mrs Morris, who has been a bus driver in Swindon for the last 20 years, was told she was liable for the large sum of money and that she has until Saturday to pay in full, otherwise she will have bailiffs knocking at her door.

Mrs Morris said: “I am so distressed about the whole situation and I just don’t know who to turn to or what to do next.

“I don’t have that sort of money to pay, I am only a bus driver, and they said it has to be paid in full which just isn’t possible for me.

“I was sure that this was a mistake or a case of fraud when I first got the letter, I haven’t used this account or been with Vodafone for four years.

“They told me that the account had not been shut down properly. I think they were the words they used, but why haven’t they mentioned it to me in the last four years? That’s what I can’t understand.

“I have never had any debt in my life, not even a parking ticket.

“My daughter went online to check my credit score to see if it had been affected, and it has dropped a lot. It now has a red line through it where it was perfect before.

“I don’t know if I can appeal this with anyone, I just feel so helpless.

“The debt company said I have until Saturday to pay in full, otherwise they will send the bailiffs round.

“I am disabled as it is, I have metal rods in my back which make it hard for me to walk, and have young grandchildren. I really don’t know what to do or how I am going to pay.”

A spokesman from Vodafone UK said: "We’re looking into the customer query as a matter of urgency and will provide an update as soon as possible. "

Last week the phone company was criticised by a Swindon couple because it had cut of their phone after just nine months. Lilian Jackson, 88, was unable to call for help after she fell and broke her leg.