A PLAYSTATION burglar who has 99 previous offences faces jail.

Nigel John Peren, 44, of no fixed abode, admitted entering a flat on Station Road in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Together with Jade Curtis, who is yet to appear before magistrates, he was filmed outside the flat discussing the break-in.

Swindon magistrates heard Peren noticed a CCTV camera filming them, which Curtis then turned to face away from them.

But the hapless pair were recorded on the camera microphone. Prosecutor Keith Ballinger said Curtis was heard telling Peren she knew where “all the s*** is”.

Curtis is said to have broken-in to the flat, disturbing the occupants. When challenged she asked them to call an ambulance.

When she left, the flat’s occupants noticed a PlayStation games console, games and bottles of alcohol were missing. Police later found Peren and Curtis in a nearby street, while the stolen items were recovered from a back alley.

“He said in interview he hadn’t been in the address and his fingerprints weren’t found there,” Mr Ballinger said.

Despite this, Peren pleaded guilty to burglary when he appeared before magistrates. Because the offence was committed while he was out from prison on licence, the bench remanded him in custody. Magistrates said the offence was so serious he would be sentenced at Swindon Crown Court at a date yet to be fixed. Sentencing guidelines indicate a jail term of at least a year, magistrates heard.