A MOUNTAIN of rubbish has formed in Haydon Wick, as recycling bins are stuffed to bursting point.

Residents can no longer put their recyclable waste into the bins at the Haydon Wick Community Centre, as rubbish is spilling out from them.

Some people have resorted to taking their waste elsewhere while others have dumped it and left.

Pensioner Brian Freeman, from Haydon Wick, went to the site yesterday to drop-off his recyclables, but had to drive to other bins instead.

"I feel very annoyed," he said. "We get mail in six different languages from the council telling us we must recycle. When you try and help out, the bins are full up and you can't use them."

The council has said it has employed a contractor to empty the bins, which are under trial at the moment.

Separate bins are available for beverage cartons, glass and plastic bottles at the site.

But on Friday all the rubbish was mixed up and strewn everywhere.

Mr Freeman said: "For some reason the council hasn't emptied the main plastic bottle container. It is full to the gunnels.

"People have just left their rubbish there without taking it back.

"Now it is blocking access to the other bins. The council isn't doing its part, which makes it difficult for us who are trying to recycle."

Council spokeswoman Elizabeth Richmond said: "This recycle bin does not come under the direct control of the council. It is emptied on our behalf by a contracted firm, which is currently on trial. If the firm persistently fails to empty this bin in future we will end the trial as we pride ourselves on providing a good waste service."

Coun Rex Barnett (Con, Haydon Wick) said he was was pleased so many people were using the bins.

"I'm delighted that so many people have taken to recycling. It is a credit to the people of Haydon Wick," he said.

"We have had problems with the bins overflowing as the company who collect the rubbish are in Gloucester.

"I contacted the council, which said it had asked the company to make a collection.

"They have promised they would clean the site."