AIR ambulance medics were scrambled after a car plunged down a hill near the Uffington White Horse on Sunday night.

999 crews from Swindon and Oxfordshire were called to fields below the ancient landmark shortly after 8pm.

A car had left Dragon Hill Road and tumbled down the steep bank into a field below. The driver was the car’s only occupant.

South Central Ambulance Service said they sent two rapid response vehicles and an ambulance to the emergency. The Thames Valley Air Ambulance and a fire crew from Stratton Fire Station also responded to the incident.

A spokeswoman for the National Trust, which owns the Uffington White Horse, said: “Our ranger team was alerted at 5.30am this morning to an incident involving a car at White Horse Hill.

“The team have been assisting the emergency services in their work. There’s minor impact damage to fencing and grassland and the historic chalk monument of the White Horse is unaffected.’

More follows.