A TEAM of cyclists have raised over £900 with a long cycle to an iconic Welsh bridge.

Steve Dutton and the Swindon Wheelers have been supporting the Radiotherapy Appeal for the past two years by taking part in the Severn Bridge Ride.

The 102-mile route from Swindon to the end of the bridge took seven hours, with a few breaks.

When he’s not putting his pedals through their paces , Steve works for the Oxfordshire County Council.

Steve said: “Everyone really enjoyed it and we got to raise £935 for a really worthwhile charity.

"When we did it last year, we had 25 members taking part and we had nearly 60 this year.

“We all started in five different groups of 10 to 15 people setting off from different areas of Swindon.

“Some of us went half-way across the bridge, while others went all the way to to the other end.

“Mandy, one of our members, told us about Brighter Futures back in 2016 because it was a cause that was close to her heart and we thought that supporting it would be a really worthwhile thing to do.”

Amanda Martin said: “I’m the charity representative for Thames Water in Swindon, and in 2016 Brighter Futures was one of the company’s nominated staff charities, ao I nominated them to the Swindon Wheelers, too.

“Cancer affects so many people in and around Swindon.

“I know a couple of people, including my hairdresser, who have to travel all the way to Oxford and back for just 10 minutes of treatment, which is really tough.

“Something else which is quite personal to me is that one of my best friends, Helen George, is a volunteer administrator for the Brighter Futures.

“She kindly gave up her time to help out at the 2016 Swindon Cycling Festival.

"I organised a jumble sale stand there to promote the Swindon Wheelers after the festival organisers invited the club to take part in it.

"This is how the club first got involved in fundraising for Brighter Futures.”

Steve added: “We’ve got more than 200 members in this club.

“Some of them or their loved ones have been affected by cancer and had to go to Oxford for treatment, so having a radiotherapy centre in Swindon would be a great help."

The Severn Bridge is a 1.6km-long motorway suspension toll bridge which connects Gloucestershire with Monmouthshire.