The life story of crooner Matt Monro is brought to life with film footage, comedy, memories, narration and songs sung by his son.

Matt Monro Jr promised to keep his father’s music in the limelight, and after his dad’s death in 1985 he has kept that promise by producing numerous shows paying homage to the star.

This latest show, The Matt Monro Story, is the culmination of that promise and the swan song for the star on stage.

Matt Monro Jr has recently married and says now is the right time to say goodbye, so this autumn will be his farewell tour after 31 years performing the ‘legacy of dad.’

“I will never ever work on stage again apart from the occasional song for charity. I want to travel with my wife. I have completed the legacy. I started it to be close to dad and to keep his name where it belongs. I was 20 when he died and I couldn’t accept it,’’ said Matt Jr.

The singer performed one of his father’s songs at a tribute concert and radio presenter David Jacobs spotted him, announcing he was an emerging singer. He then appeared on the ITV talent show Opportunity Knocks and Bob Monkhouse took him under his wing.

“My mother was horrified as she knew how hard the business was. Before she married dad she worked as a radio plugger for Mills Music. When she met my dad she thought he was cocky but three days later she fell for him,’’ he said.

Matt Jr went on to create his own stage shows and record albums including one special one. Through the wonders of technology he recreated the one and only time in 1977 when he had the chance to sing with his father.

“In this show we use multi-media to have me on stage with my dad. It is his story. We have a great singer on the show, Danni Bentley, who also sings with my dad on the screen,’’ he said. The show, which is stopping off in Swindon, has all the hits from Born Free to Walk Away to Portrait Of My Love, all sung by Matt Jr.

Growing up with a celebrity father didn’t faze the young Matt, who wasn’t interested in showbiz. He wanted to be a professional golfer - and he became one!

“Golf was a massive part of the father and son bonding. As far as I was concerned dad was just a singer and it shocked me to find my friends knew who my dad was. It wasn’t until the This Is Your Life TV programme that I realised how big he was, and how loved. He was the singer’s singer and loved by his peers.’’

Rubbing shoulders with celebrities such as Sammy Davis Jr, Barbara Windsor and Sid James was simply the norm for the young Matt.

“Dad wasn’t into parties, he was family orientated and I was fortunate he was so grounded. He worked so hard we only went on holiday every two years, but that was in the Bahamas.’’

When he was pulling together his own show, Matt Jr approached his father’s old musical director Colin Keyes to help him.

“I received a card from his wife saying: ‘To my darling Matt, thanks for giving my husband his life back. He had had a stroke, you see.’ It was the warmest card I have ever received and it filled me up with tears.

“I felt really cheeky calling him up, but I had known him since I was a child. He helped me as I had never headlined abroad before. I was always the most nervous when I went on stage with him there.’’

After this tour Matt and his wife Chandrika will be concentrating on their property developing and selling venture.

The Matt Monro Story One Voice Final Tour comes to Swindon’s Wyvern Theatre on Friday, September 28 at 7.30pm. Tickets are £26 from 01793 524481 or visit - Flicky Harrison