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The wrong ‘landmark’

Phew! We just scrapped the calamity that the new art gallery would have been, especially if the same contractors had been employed that built our posh new car park (yes the same car park that the councillors paid thousands to stop the homeless entering when we were all tucked up in our beds) that is now after five short years developing faults.

And just to show how misguided the art gallery committee is, that the town is desperate to show the arts to the masses, some moron destroys the beautiful wood carving of the otter in the Lawn woods.

But wait there is a glimmer at the end of the tunnel - the council will probably grant planning permission to some “management company” that will transform Signal Point into beautiful accommodation and a “landmark arrival point” (that made me chuckle) for Swindon for the thousands that make their way to trawl the charity shops and drink coffee every day.

Pity we didn’t have a station outside the Mechanics or the Locarno or slap bang in the centre of town, they would be much more appealing “landmark arrival points”, and perhaps they would have been given permission to make them more attractive without the long drawn out fiasco that has endured.

I’ll wager many people of our town are like me, a Swindonian that loves the place but who regularly travels many miles to enjoy what other towns and cities have to offer because this narrow-minded, backward thinking council will do nothing to spark life into the place we love.

Kevin Edmonds, Covingham , Swindon

Pride of the Proms

ON Saturday night my highlight was to watch the Last Night of the Proms on BBC1.

As usual it was simply fantastic, not only the performers and musicians but also the audience.

The music was so varied and covering just about every possible theme.

As usual I watched enraptured, joining in with most of the songs. It brought tears to my eyes.

Where else in the world can you listen to such a performance and to feel the emotion of the event?

People come from all over the world to be there and experience it. You are seeing the closest thing to perfection. Each and every performer are the top of their profession and most of them are proud to have been chosen to perform at the Royal Albert Hall. And then there were the performances elsewhere in Britain.

It makes me proud to be British, that this little island can put on a spectacular event year.

Leaders of the EU should be forced come and see it. They then would wonder why we the Brits value our freedom so much.

We are Brits, each and every one of us and we can and frequently do stand united as we did on Saturday in the Royal Albert Hall. Long may it continue.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

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