TWO sisters are stretching themselves to the limit by expanding their pole fitness business in Swindon.

Rachel and Hollie Dunne started the Breathe Pole and Fitness in 2015 after going to classes in Swindon. Three years on they are now excited to be opening their own studio on the Groundwell Industrial Estate.

“From the first time we tried it we were hooked,” said Rachel. “It was pure fitness, it’s a lot of strength building, there’s no heels involved or anything like that.

“You’re lifting your whole-body weight and holding it in various positions. You start off with basic spins and progress, but it is quite strenuous.”

After training to be teachers the pair had a dream of setting up their own studio so applied to the Prince’s Trust for a small business loan.

After a year of preparation the pair got the ball rolling by renting a space above 24-hour gym in Swindon for their first studio.Over three years they built up their client base, before settling on expanding into their own place.

“We didn’t really give ourselves much money and just put everything back into the business,” said Rachel.

“We were working solidly for two months in the evenings and weekends. We basically turned it into a studio from an empty room, doing the decorating ourselves. It was a big step for us, because outgoings did increase due to higher rent and bills. But we’ve already noticed it’s getting a lot busier. It was a bit of a risk but we thought you have to do things we’re scared of to push yourself.

“It’s honestly been the best move we could have taken, because it’s already picking up. We’re getting there, we’re really enjoying it.”

The classes start from beginners up to intermediate and are mixed ability.

“We’re almost like individual personal trainers, we provide plans for each person to progress at their own rate, so they don’t ever feel like they can’t keep up,” she added.

The Breathe Pole and Fitness open day is on Sunday September 30 from 11am to 2pm. The address is Ground studio 1, unit A3, Stephenson Road, Groundwell.