AN ADDITION to the BMW plant and other plans were recommended for approval by Stratton St Margaret parish councillors.

No objections were raised to any applications examined at the last Stratton St Margaret Parish Council meeting.

These included a proposal for the erection of manufacturing building, excess material building, and modular office accommodation, including car parking, landscaping and the reconfiguration of circulation roads at the BMW plant on Bridge End Road.

Council chair Stuart Leach said: "Any investment in the BMW site is a good thing and I'm glad they're making this development because it will create jobs."

"A number of us went to the site a few weeks ago.

"They've demolished a huge pressing shed and intend to put a much smaller structure in place to do similar things to what they did in the shed, but with modern machinery."

Councillors were also happy with plans for the construction of a workshop at St Luke's School with space for two cars to go inside.

It is thought that the workshop would be used for metalworking and mechanics lessons.

Other applications considered during the meeting included the erection of a 1.9 metre fence at a Cairndow Way property, the construction of a single-storey rear extension and the conversion of a garage into living accommodation at a house on Harlestone Road, and a similar garage conversion plus the building of a two-storey side extension at a property on Gifford Road.

At least one parish councillor had visited the site of each of the proposals to check if their construction would cause problems in the area.

Feedback from nearby residents, if any was submitted, had also been considered before recommendations were made.

The final approval or refusal of each of the plans will be decided and given at a future Swindon Borough Council Planning Committee.