SWINDON-born celebrity trainer Matt Fiddes has promised to fight bullying in schools in Swindon with the newly crowned Miss Great Britain.

The martial arts and fitness trainer was among the judges who crowned the winner of the UK's biggest pageant after the public voted to nominate finalists.

Judges heard personal revelations and stories about the struggles the young women had faced, including issues with anxiety, bullying, social media trolling, and eating disorders.

Judges finally agreed on 23-year-old Kobi-Jean Cole, from Bristol, to represent Miss Great Britain and Matt has revealed she will join him on a tour of schools in Swindon to help tackle bullying and other challenges facing young women growing up.

Matt said: “I was honoured to be asked to judge a pick someone as a role model for Great Britain at such a prestigious competition.

"We all picked the same girl as she holds the qualities we were looking for as judges.

"We picked the right girl! It’s fantastic she is so close to Swindon as she has agreed to help campaign against Anti bullying with me at Swindon schools."

Kobi will also help launch the Matt Fiddes Hero First Aid which will travel the UK to teach essential first aid to school children.

Matt made national headlines after successfully resuscitating his son using CPR after he had a fit and stopped breathing in 2016.