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History repeating itself in Swindon

Tom Seaward’s article on Forward Swindon is as ever very illuminating and should be read by as many Swindon residents as possible (SA 13 August).

Forward Swindon was the illegitimate offspring of The New Swindon Company and owed its creation to the failure of that organisation to produce ‘the goods’.

In the early 1960s Kenneth Hudson wrote “To the outside world the name Swindon produces an image of a quaintly old- fashioned, comic-opera town that tries hard but has never really succeeded in pulling itself into the modern age” - how often history repeats itself.

Fifty years later Forward Swindon’s director of economic development said “the town needs to re-enforce its identity if it is to be a big draw for business” – it seems that the current management team have come to the same conclusion, which some may find quite at variance with the utterances of leading politicians who continue to tell an unbelieving public that Swindon is ‘ahead of the game’ and that our town centre is something to be proud of.

Swindon Borough Council has never been good at taking criticism of its actions in a positive manner, always seeking to be ‘offended’ – the reality is that in the 21st century, democracy is well served by intelligent criticism from the electorate, a point eloquently made by Hudson 45 years ago who wrote “The Corporation has become distinctly touchy about any public or published criticism of its policy or success”. Once again history comes alive in present day Swindon.

Proof, of the latter can be found in the person of Coun Garry Perkins who can always be relied upon for a vacuous comment.

His latest offering that “Businesses are more attracted by private organisations than local authorities” is not new, he has used it before, but it remains untrue and will continue to be so no matter how many times he repeats the canard.

His second nonsense claim demonstrates his arrogance and reveals his small minded thinking. According to Coun Perkins “when it comes to business decisions, I am happier when the private sector is in control”.

Just one thought Councillor – are you seriously trying to convince the people of Swindon Forward Swindon is a working part of the private sector and not just a front for the public sector?

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon

‘Bunch of wimps’

I never thought I would be living in Great Britain that is now peopled by a bunch of wimps.

Watching Question Time, I just couldn’t believe the stupid argument dreamt up about how we would suffer by leaving the dreaded EU.

Oh we didn’t know what it meant, We didn’t understand. What are these people illiterate? Are they really that dumb. We had so called Politicians saying we should have another General Election . What for? What is that going to prove? It was to get of of the strangulation hold the EU has over Britain.

Us, who for many years were the leaders of a Free World. Now we are kow-towing to a bunch of unelected Dictators in Brussels . They are only concerned with their own individual welfare. Not the welfare of each and every individual country within the EU.

Surely we, The British are better than this. Weak little cowards. Frightened of the big bad wolf in Brussels.

Let me remind you all. There once was another big bad wolf in Berlin.

We showed him and his kind what he could do with his plan for Europe. If it hadn’t been for us and the USA all of Europe today would be speaking German.

Is that what all Free Britons want. To be ruled by a bunch of dictators in Brussels? If it does than it makes a mockery of all our Brave Boys and Girls who died in that Conflict to Free Europe. Stand proud and face them down. We did it twice in the last century we can do it again now.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

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