Breakfast is probably the easiest meal of the day for the novice vegan.

For years, I have eaten porridge for breakfast and switching cow’s milk for soya or oat milk is straightforward. Muesli, breakfast cereals, good old-fashioned toast and jam - just use a plant-based spread and it’s business as usual.

Big bags of supermarket brand porridge oats are inexpensive, and you can tart up your porridge with seeds, nuts, dried fruit or fresh fruit (banana is my favourite), or even the plant protein powders you can buy these days. For a moment of nostalgia, nothing beats dripping a sweet, sticky thread of Golden Syrup in circles on the top.

This week, however, I have something new to try: two vegan granolas made by Eat Natural.

These new products are called Nutty Granola and Low Sugar Granola - both packed with nuts, seeds, coconut flakes and coconut blossom nectar, to provide some natural sweetness.

The Eat Natural Nutty Granola is described as “perfect for breakfast cereal lovers looking for big, hero flavours”. I’m not clear on what constitutes a hero flavour - would that be a flavour heroes enjoy, or the flavour a hero would taste of if you ate one for breakfast?

It is also lauded as “a wonderfully satisfying, crunchy, cluster-laden bite, loaded with small, sweet, gently-roasted almonds, chunky peanuts, toasted coconut flakes”. The description continues further, but you, um, get the flavour of it.

The Low Sugar Granola has oats, almonds, buckwheat and seeds, with a light sweetening with the coconut blossom nectar - amounting to about 2.2g of sugar per serving.

Putting the hyperbole to one side and actually pouring a bowl of granola (with soya milk) I have to say the granolas are both tasty.

They have plenty of flavour, and a satisfying crispy texture. Granola certainly beats porridge for crunch value. Each contains plenty of nuts and seeds and a helping leaves you feeling replete till lunchtime - always a bonus.

Personally I prefer the low sugar variety as I don’t have a sweet tooth at breakfast time, though the nutty variety isn’t overly sweet either.

The shelves of the supermarket are laden with all manner of granolas but if I were to buy another packet, this is certainly one I would go for. Both are available at Waitrose at £2.99 for 450g.