TWO men have been arrested after police seized a large amount of cash, some class A drugs, and several stolen bikes and mopeds in a Gorse Hill raid yesterday morning.

WATCH: Police raid one of the addresses in Wilcox Close.

Police vans, a police dog unit, and several police cars arrived at Wilcox Close around 8,30am.

Stolen bikes were found in one of the houses, along with a knife and some cannabis - the owner of one of the bikes has already been located.

At the other address, police found a 15-inch machete-style knife, class A drugs, and £8,000 in cash.

An 18-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply cannabis and a 19-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of supplying class A drugs.

Both are currently in custody.

The media had been invited to watch the raids.

Curious neighbours who spotted the TV cameras and police vehicles came out of their homes to see what all the fuss was about.

Kathy was just getting ready to leave the house when she caught a glimpse of the commotion.

She said: “It was really weird to look out my window and see all these police here.

“I was drying my hair and I saw a police car outside, then saw a lady with her phone out, then I looked down the road and saw a cameraman.

“I wondered if they were doing a documentary in my street, but then I saw all the other police cars and vans.

“This isn’t a rough housing estate, it’s quite nice, so it was a shock to see all this.”

The raids were part of Wiltshire Police's Operation Sceptre.

Sgt Dave Tippetts led the operation.

He said: "This very successful operation shows that more often than not weapons are linked to drug supply.

"This is a timely reminder during our Op Sceptre knife awareness and amnesty fortnight and reinforces the message that you are more likely to be a victim of knife crime if you carry a knife.

"This also sends a message to the people living in the area - we are listening to you and we will act on the intelligence you give us.

"Please contact us if you suspect anyone dealing in drugs or carrying out any sort of criminality in your area."

VIDEO: Sgt Tippetts speaks to the Adver while officers search the two properties.

Police Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson looked on as his teams got to work gathering evidence, searching the properties with sniffer dogs, and talking to the houses’ residents.

He said: “They’ve found a pretty nasty weapon, it’s not the sort of thing you peel your potatoes with.

“Hopefully, this disruption will have an effect on reassuring the community and law-abiding people that we take their concerns seriously.

"It's good to see the police getting in to our local communities, following up and then reacting to the intelligence passed on to them from local people.

"An operation like this is so important on many levels; firstly, it takes criminals off the streets of Wiltshire but it also sends a message to local communities that we are interested in tackling drug and knife crime and we welcome your information and intelligence.

"Knife crime often goes hand in hand with the drugs industry - if you tackle one, you tackle the other."

VIDEO: PCC Angus Macpherson chats to the Adver after police find the 15-inch machete-like knife.