YOUNG bookworms will be over the moon when the Swindon Youth Festival of Literature returns next month.

The festival celebrated its 10th birthday last year and will be back in November with another amazing array of authors and poets.

Kate Murphy, librarian at Dorcan Academy, has taken over as festival coordinator after the event's founder Fiona Hardcastle retired in January.

Kate said: "I knew how fabulous the festival is and how fantastic the team of learning assistants that organise it is, so I really wanted to be take on this role.

"It's very exciting, we've got a busy and brilliant week of events at every school.

"One of my favourite events is the book quiz, which is what we're finishing the festival with this year at Swindon Academy.

"It's great to get pupils from different schools together and see them sharing book knowledge.

"It's difficult to predict a firm favourite from this year's event - you never really know what's going to happen.

"The authors are always fantastic and the atmosphere at their events is electric. We get great feedback from guests, teachers and students.

"It's thrilling to have authors asking to get involved and return to the festival."

The festivities begin on November 12, with Steve Cole, Dave Cousins, Mark Lowery, Stan Cullimore, Sarah Mussi, Helen Dennis, Ali Sparkes all coming to town.

The headline event will be held at the Wyvern Theatre with award-winning comedy author Jonathan Meres on November 15.

Ash Dickinson and Joffre White will return to every school in Swindon to perform and inspire youngsters.

Kate added: "People think young people are always on their phones and social media, but they're really engaged readers.

"They read a wide range of books, Young Adult literature is really popular and tackles an amazing variety of subjects that books for young people never used to touch upon.

"The festival is always really popular with pupils and it just gets bigger and better every year!"

After the festival ends, a prize-giving ceremony will be held at the Platform on November 29.

Mayor of Swindon Junab Ali will present prizes to pupils who impressed the judges of the creative writing, illustration, and poetry competitions, and the student who received the most nominations for the Library Ambassadors Award.

The festival is sponsored by the Swindon Association of Secondary Heads.