A Victorian School building is being left to fall into ruins after its demolition was stopped earlier this year.

That’s the fear of one local resident who is worried about what will happen to the former Clifton Street School in King’s Hill.

Developer Sukh Mander was prevented from continuing with the demolition, for which permission hadn’t been granted, in May this year.

And his application for retrospective planning permission was denied by the council.

But since then the building has been left roofless, surrounded by rubble and fenced off.

Darren Salter who lives in the street said: “I’m very concerned about the fate of this handsome Victorian building that very much enhanced the area.

“The site is an eyesore. There is always a lot of rubbish on the site. Lightweight items blow off site on to the surrounding streets.”

Although there is a notice attached to the site by Swindon Borough Council with a number of conditions, Mr Salter says they are “clearly not being met.”

The notice demands that the building should be weatherproofed, that the damage to adjacent buildings caused by demolition be made good and that rubbish from the site is removed.

He fears that the building may be left in its present condition until it can no longer be saved - and wants more action from the council to force Mr Mander to put the damage right.

Mr Salter said: “I recall what happened to Even Swindon School, a similar much-loved historic school building and part of the original Railway Village, now completely destroyed.

“This building was left empty, an arson attack damaged the roof which was not repaired, and 10 months later it was demolished. This seems to have some similarities to the on-going situation with the former Clifton Street School.”

As the site is privately owned, the powers of the council’s planning team are limited, although it says it is looking at ways of getting the situation remedied.

A spokesman said: "The council understands and shares the concerns of the local community.

“Officers are working hard to find the best way to safeguard and restore the building, but for legal reasons we cannot offer further comment at this time.”

When Mr Mander applied for permission to demolish the school, he was represented by Swindon planning agent DPDS Consulting - but the company no longer acts for him and cannot comment.