Alan Lovell and the Swinging Blue Jeans will be rock 'n rolling into Swindon as part of the Sensational 60's Experience.

The singer/guitarist says that most of the musicians in the theatre show have known each other for many years and going out on tour together is like partying with old friends.

"I was always in and around the Liverpool music scene,'' said Alan. "My family lived there and I met and toured with the original members of Swindon Blue Jeans, so it was inevitable that I would join them. I was a fan myself in 1963/64 when they first started.''

He says it was the musicians of the 1950s that made him pick up a guitar and teach himself to play.

"Actually it was the banjo first and then guitar. It was those how to... books which said learn in a month and it took a year,'' said Alan.

The Shadows, Sam Cook and Hank Marvin were all huge influences on the young guitarist until The Beatles came.

"I played in The Cavern Club in 1970, 71 and 72,'' said Alan. "It was dingy, the electrics weren't too good with everyone coming in sweating, there was condensation and dripping water, so they eventually moved across the road.''

The Swinging Blues Jeans originally started out as a skiffle group with Ralph Ellis and Norman Kuhlke but when they played in Germany they were booed off the stage so swiftly swapped to rock 'n' roll.

Their cover of Hippy Hippy Shake in 1963 shot to number two in the British charts and the Swinging Blue Jeans became a household name and appeared on the BBC TV premiere pop programme Top of the Pops.

Alan says that occasionally he had to take up other jobs to keep body and soul together when he was younger, but he mainly followed his heart which was devoted to music.

When the last founder member Ray Ennis retired from the band in 2010, Alan took up the baton as front man.

"Everybody accepted it and I had a passion for it so I wanted to carry it on,'' said Alan. "We never tired of playing the Hippy Hippy Shake because there's a kind of magic about it that gets everyone up to dance. It is the original feel good tune.

Prior to joining the Swindon Blue Jeans the guitarist had been a session musician performing with a number of big names including Marty Wilde. "He was lovely, most of the people from the 1960s were very nice,'' said Alan.

The guitarist also writes his own songs and works on projects for jingles and commercial television.

Alan says that when The Swinging Blue Jeans come to Swindon they will be doing a number of their hits such as It's Too Late Now, Good Golly Miss Molly, You're No Good, and Tremblin' along with some rock 'n' roll anthems in their 25 minute slot.

The Wyvern Theatre will have the audience dancing in the aisles as the band will be joined by Mike Pender from The Searchers, Chris Farlowe, Herman's Hermits, the New Amen Corner and The Fourmost. Tickets are £32 from 01793 524481 or visit - Flicky Harrison

Panel: Sensational 60's Experience

With over 50 years of success behind him, Mike Pender is still touring worldwide and performing The Searchers' million-selling hits such as Sugar and Spice, Sweets For My Sweet, Don’t Throw Your Love Away, When You Walk In The Room and of course Needles and Pins.

Chris Farlowe's hits include classics like Out Of Time, Handbags and Glad Rags (which was also released by Rod Stewart as a single ) Mr Pitiful, All Or Nothing plus many more

Herman's Hermits' chart-breaking hits include, Mrs Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter, Silhouettes, There’s A Kind Of Hush and I’m Into Something Good.

The New Amen Corner will keep you entertained with classics such as If Paradise Is Half As Nice and Bend Me Shape Me.

The Fourmost will bring 1960’s chart hits such as Hello Little Girl, A Little Loving, I’m In Love, Baby I Need Your Lovin and Girls Girls Girls.